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A confident mother is the greatest gift to her family!

A confident mother is the greatest gift to her family!

Can I stay off the rollercoaster?

At some point, your child became a teenager and seemed to change in front of your eyes. They looked different, they stopped talking to you, their interests changed, they became moody and wanted you to stop being in their business.

You started to worry more and felt like you were doing everything wrong. The tactics you used to control their behavior in their early years weren’t working anymore.

Then they jumped on the teenage emotional rollercoaster and you suddenly couldn’t control your anger and frustration right along with them!

They started making choices you taught them were “bad” and you just don’t understand why they aren’t following the advice you taught them for years.

Now you feel like you’re losing them. You aren’t sure how to connect with them.

Your mind is flooded with thoughts like WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS that feed constant worry, stress, and anxiety.

Your insecurity only grows at this point because social media posts make you think everyone else’s child is thriving, on the honor roll, captain of their team, and headed toward “success”. 

Let's Stay In Our Lane

Let's Stay In Our Lane

It’s hard to share these thoughts and experiences with friends because suddenly your group of mom-friends is small.

The problem is we didn’t change any of our beliefs, thoughts, and the way we SEE our teenagers when they grew up.

With my help, it is possible to STAY IN OUR LANES and replace the stress and anxiety with calm and peace.

And just like how water calms around a lighthouse, your teen will settle down because you are anchored and secure around you.

An anchored mother creates ripple effects.

An anchored mother creates ripple effects

Let's start now!

Let's start now!

Pick a time for a phone call and share with me confidentially what’s going on.

We’ll see if we are a good fit to start private, weekly coaching sessions.

It’s not too late to model confidence, calm, hope, happiness and emotional stability to your teens.


Heidi taught me how to manage my anxiety so I could help my son navigate his mental health crisis. My business is extremely successful and my family is thriving. I'm setting better boundaries and my children comment on how happy I am.
- K.R.
I have reduced my worry substantially and I’m enjoying my children in a way I never had in all the past. I am now giving them the confident and calm mother I’ve always wanted them to have. I’m so glad I can now see where I have been the problem.
- S.H.
I have worked with a great many coaches and self-improvement programs over the last 15 years. Heidi is at the top of my list with her expert coaching skills. She is a master at helping you see how your thoughts are affecting your life.
- A.P.

It's your turn.

You pay for private tutors, sports clinics, music programs, and workshops for your children.

It’s YOUR turn to have a coach.

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When a mother changes, a family changes.

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