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A confident mother is the greatest gift to her family.

3 Tips to Manage the Worry when Sending Your Child to College

All of the sudden you don’t know

Hi, I'm Heidi Benjaminsen,
The Confidence Coach for Mothers of Teenagers

You have already taken the first step by understanding you need to change something in your family relationships.
Let me help you the rest of the way.

My journey started with my own family and the problems we had as parents, feeling that we were not doing a good job with our children. This feeling encouraged me to change and start to understand how to be better for myself and my family. I have more than ten years experience of Individual parent coaching and group coaching. Let’s work together to be a happy family that understands boundaries, but with love and a smile.

Parents share their
story and success

“Amy saved our family. Simple as that. My husband and I needed help with our children, and Amy was there to guide and help us all the way.”

“We became parents early, and we didn't know how to handle this grown-up world. Amy helped us to be better parents to our children and ourselves.”

“You are part of our family now. Thank you for the care and guidance. You taught us how to be better parents and to realize we can do it!”

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