Ep. 23 Small Changes - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 23 Small Changes

Everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change the toilet paper roll.  Heidi teaches how big change always starts small and why we might resist it.  Priming our brain with little small daily changes creates a new identity that we can change and makes our brain more open to new ideas, solutions and makes future changes much easier.

Do you know the 7 Daily Practices
of Confident Mothers of Teens?

Get instant access to these 7 daily practices – which ones are you already doing?  Included are links to podcast episodes giving insight into each subject.

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Hi, I'm Heidi

I help mothers of teenagers create inner confidence, calm and happiness.  The more anchored a mother is, the more secure her children will feel.  Calm is contagious.

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