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Hi, This is Heidi Podcast

Ep. 4 Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the fuel and energy of our growth, success and goals. Without it, we are stuck in the past reliving what we know we can do. Self-confidence is our

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Ep. 3 Allowing Negative Emotions

Most people believe negative emotions like sadness, grief, loneliness, embarrassment, shame, etc are bad and should be avoided. This isn’t true. Negative emotions are necessary for our growth and to

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Ep. 2 Stay In Your Lane

In life there are three lanes – 1 – our lane, 2 – other people’s lanes and 3 – God’s lane.  Knowing what happens in each lane gives us power

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Ep 1. The Coaching Model

Heidi shares the foundation coaching tools she uses in her practice. This tool was developed by Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School. Heidi defines Circumstances, which trigger Thoughts

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Ep. 12 Gratitude

Gratitude is a choice.  We have to intentionally choose to find the good and train our brain to acknowledge the positive in life.  A grateful mind can heal our bodies

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Ep. 11 How To Increase Our Joy

Learn 5 ways that Joy is stolen from us and 5 ways to increase the Joy we feel in life.  Joy Thieves include worry, comparison, perfectionism and more.  Joy increases

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Ep. 10 Choose Your Identity

Your identity and what you believe about yourself has the greatest affect on what you accomplish in life.  Real lasting change doesn’t happen in our habits or actions – it

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Ep. 9 How To Say No

We all love to say yes, which comes at a cost if we commit to too much or neglect parts of our life that really are important to us.  Learn

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