Ep. 49 When Your Teen Says "I Hate You" | Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 49 When Your Teen Says “I Hate You”

It’s inevitable and it hurts.  Our teens lash out, from their own sense of lack of control, and say “I hate you”.  Then you want to crumble, cry and lash out at them.  Don’t.  Learn how to identify what they are REALLY saying and how to respond calmly, with a lot of love for yourself and for them.  You can model for them how to handle these emotional exchanges.  And I have good news – their words are actually not about you.

How Confident are You
as a Mother of Teenagers?

Every mother wants to feel confident that she is making the right choices for her children. Teenagers stretch and test our confidence skills. Their emotions and situations change quickly and we want to feel confident we’re making the right choices.

Answer a few questions and see your confidence score!

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