Ep. 46 What Motivates Us | Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 46 What Motivates Us

We get a lot of insight into our own behaviors, desires and those of our children when we understand The Motivational Triad – the 3 most basic motivators that our brain defaults to.  Our brain wants us to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy – because it wants to keep us alive.  This worked well for our ancestors but today it is working against us.  Learn more about the 3 motivating desires and how to override these desires with our higher brain.

How Confident are You
as a Mother of Teenagers?

Every mother wants to feel confident that she is making the right choices for her children. Teenagers stretch and test our confidence skills. Their emotions and situations change quickly and we want to feel confident we’re making the right choices.

Answer a few questions and see your confidence score!

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I now help mothers of teenagers replace their fuzzy lenses with a unique and clear prescription. Wearing these lenses, my clients create life-changing confidence and calm that has positive ripple effects in every area of their life.

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