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Ep. 181 (Best of) Our Vibe Attracts Our Tribe

Humans are like magnets.  Something in our make-up attracts or repels certain people.

I believe OUR VIBE or our energy attracts certain people, certain successes, and certain failures in our life.

And our VIBE repels others.

Our vibe includes our nervous system – how we hold our body, the words we use, our mannerisms, how we dress, act, don’t act, how we talk about ourselves and others.

This is the energy we put into the world.

And energy follows energy.

Listen to this replay of one of the most downloaded episodes to hear how to identify and change anything about your VIBE that isn’t how you want your life to look.

Goodness and confidence are out there.

Now let’s attract more of this into our lives!

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