Ep. 146 Trailing Invisible Thoughts - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 146 Trailing Invisible Thoughts

Trailing after many of our thoughts are the REAL opinions, biases, judgments and thoughts which are creating what we experience.  We are less impacted by what others do and MORE impacted by thinking they SHOULD be different.  We are less impacted by the world and MORE impacted by our opinions if we can handle life or if it is too much.  This is what we uncover when we learn how to identify our “trailing invisible thoughts”.

Listen as Heidi shares many examples of what these invisible thoughts are, how to uncover them, how to normalize these thoughts and when to question and replace them.  Doing so can change the entire emotional vibe we carry around in the world.  Heidi shares how discovering many invisible biases has helped her be less judgmental and more accepting of others.

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