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Hi, I'm Heidi

I’m a more confident and calm person now that I cleaned off my “I Am Always Right” lens!

Hi, I'm Heidi

I’m a more confident and calm person now that I cleaned off my “I Am Always Right” lens!

I Love Being A Mother

I am a mother of three incredible teenagers. I love them dearly. They are each unique and it’s a privilege to help them navigate these critical years.

I didn’t realize how much my “guidance” was really about control and insecurity. I had unrealistic expectations of what their life “should” look like. I didn’t want them to make the mistakes I’ve made or learn things the hard way.

Above all else, I didn’t want to “fail” in my most important role as their mother.

If they succeeded in the things I thought were important, I could tell myself I was a good mom.

I spent a lot of time looking outside of myself for acceptance, validation, and praise. Not realizing the stress and anxiety I was creating for myself and my children came from my desire to be “right”. All because I couldn’t see some very obvious blinders in my vision.

Life coaching changed how I see my children and myself. It changed every relationship in my life.

I’m glad I invested in my own growth and changed before my children go off to college.

I Can Help You

Just like we need an eye doctor to help us find a unique prescription to our impaired vision, we need someone who isn’t used to wearing our distorted lenses to question how we see the world. 

As a Certified Life Coach and creator of the 5 Clarifying Lens Method, I know the most common obstacles blocking the vision of parents. 

I know what thoughts and beliefs are creating the frustration, anger, stress, doubt, insecurity, and disappointment you feel daily. I’ve been in your shoes. And – I’m still managing my mind so I show up as the mother I really want to be.

I’ve helped other mothers create calm and confidence to handle their unique children. Together we can make your own unique prescription.

I Already Love You

I’m not kidding – I do already love you. Because you are me. You are my best friends. You are the mothers of my children’s best friends. You are the women in my family.

I know you love your teenagers and I know you’re trying your very best.

I know you don’t want to “fail” and I want to help you realize you are the BEST mother for your children.

I know the social pressures on mothers and the hidden shame we pile on because of our distorted view of ourselves.

You are raising the next generation. We can do this together!

Let’s Start Adjusting
Your Vision Now!

I work with clients in private, virtual coaching sessions. Each session is 50 minutes. You’ll schedule it at a time that works for your schedule and log into the session from your cell phone or laptop.

I bring to the sessions my unique tools and questions to help loosen the lenses that are so fixed in your brain – that are fuzzy and seem normal.

And over the weeks, you’ll try on new lenses until YOU find the ones that help you see clearly, calmly, and confidently.

Then all of a sudden, you’ll be able to make sense of your world!

Our Lives Change When We Can Finally See

Our Lives Change When
We Can Finally See

An accurate picture of the world around us is priceless.

We react differently.

We speak with more understanding, patience, and love.

We react after really taking in the whole picture.

Or, we don’t react since we realize it isn’t that big of a deal anyway.

And without even intending to do this, everyone in our world starts to change too.

Let’s See If I’m Your Coach

The first step to creating the calm you want is to schedule a free phone call to see if we are a good fit.

You’ll share with me a snapshot of your world and what you’d like to change.

In one phone call, I can help you see at least one lens that is keeping you stuck and creating a very cloudy picture of your teenager.

Don’t put it off. You already know how fast the time is going. Click below today!

Looking For A Speaker For Your Group?

Looking For A Speaker
For Your Group?

I love to speak to small groups as well as at large conferences.
Send me a message if you’re interested in having me come speak and we’ll work out the details.

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