Ep. 90 Our Fear of Failing as Mothers - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 90 Our Fear of Failing as Mothers

One of the deepest fears we have as mothers is that we might “fail” our children and they will suffer because of our deficiencies. This fear isn’t rooted in truths about our human experience and fuels us to insecurely try to control our children… all so we feel better. Listen as Heidi unravels this belief and talks through what “failing” and “succeeding” looks like. Turns out… succeeding is loving, teaching, modeling resiliency… and embracing our humanness.

Episode 13: Being A Good Mom: https://heidibenjaminsen.com/being-a-good-mom/

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Hi, I'm Heidi

I help mothers of teenagers create inner confidence, calm and happiness.  The more anchored a mother is, the more secure her children will feel.  Calm is contagious.

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