Ep. 88 Perfectionism Disconnects Us From Other People - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 88 Perfectionism Disconnects Us From Other People

Perfectionist mindsets and the fear of showing our weakness to others creates disconnection and distance between us and all other people. As humans, though, we have a deep emotional need to connect and be understood. As Dr. Brene Brown says, perfectionism is a 2-ton shield we carry hoping not to get “hurt”… all the while the shield blocks growth and connection we desperately need. Heidi shares many examples of how to dismantle and drop any perfectionist shields you have so you can create greater connection with people you want to connect with.

Episode 26 Perfectionism: https://heidibenjaminsen.com/perfectionism/

Episode 66 The Lies of Perfectionism: https://heidibenjaminsen.com/66-2/

Dr. Brene Brown: www.brenebrown.com

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