Ep. 81 Decision Fatigue - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 81 Decision Fatigue

Our brains can only handle a certain amount of decision making each day before they get tired.  We then start making poor choices or default to the easiest option… or worse… just don’t decide (which IS a decision).  Listen as Heidi explains the ways in which decision fatigue hits us in every area of our life and tools to reduce it’s negative impact.  Learn where to make decisions ahead of time, how to make quick and fast decisions and how to stack the odds in your favor for making the healthiest and most beneficial choices for your life.

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I now help mothers of teenagers replace their fuzzy lenses with a unique and clear prescription. Wearing these lenses, my clients create life-changing confidence and calm that has positive ripple effects in every area of their life.

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