Ep. 186 Understanding Your Nervous System - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 186 Understanding Your Nervous System

Hey there, moms! If you’re getting ready to send your kid off to college, this episode of Confidence Coaching with Heidi Benjaminsen is definitely for you.

Heidi dives into understanding our nervous system and how it affects our emotions and reactions, especially during big life changes like your child leaving for college. She explains that our nervous system is like a background program constantly running to keep us safe, but sometimes it can be a bit overprotective – like a smoke detector going off for burnt toast!

She breaks down our nervous system states into three “colors”:

  1. Green: This is our happy place – calm, connected, and able to think clearly.
  2. Red: Think fight-or-flight mode – stressed, anxious, and on high alert.
  3. Grey: This is our freeze response – feeling low, hopeless, or burned out.

The key takeaway? It’s normal to move between these states, especially when facing something as emotionally charged as sending your kid to college. Heidi emphasizes that it’s not about staying in the “green” all the time, but rather about recognizing which state you’re in and having tools to get back to “green” when needed.

She offers some great tips for regulating your nervous system, like breath work, exercise, and connecting with supportive people. Heidi also mentions that she’ll be offering more specific advice in future episodes about managing the anxieties of your child leaving home.

Oh, and heads up! Heidi’s going to be releasing an inexpensive self-study course soon to help you prepare for taking your child to college. Plus, she’s planning some support groups for moms who’ve just dropped their kids off at school – definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in extra support during this transition.

Remember, moms, it’s totally normal to feel a mix of emotions during this time. The goal isn’t to be perfect, but to be aware of your feelings and have strategies to stay grounded. You’ve got this!

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