Ep. 185 How To Live Drama Free - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 185 How To Live Drama Free

Episode 185 of Confidence Coaching focuses on achieving freedom from drama in life. The host, Heidi Benjaminsen, starts by defining drama as exaggerated behavior or reactions, often performed for others. She then outlines six key strategies to reduce drama in our lives.

The first strategy is to create space for thinking and curiosity about situations and people’s motives. This involves slowing down and questioning our assumptions.

The second is to distinguish between facts and the stories we create about those facts, recognizing that our perceptions are colored by our experiences and values.

Heidi emphasizes the importance of staying calm when others are upset, allowing their drama to land in front of us rather than on us. This requires compassion and the understanding that we can choose how to respond to others’ drama. She also advises avoiding gossip and making assumptions about people, as these behaviors often fuel unnecessary drama.

Another crucial point is to mind your own business and create boundaries. Heidi suggests that by staying in our own “lane” and limiting what we allow into our personal space, we can significantly reduce drama in our lives. She also stresses the importance of being present and not letting frustrations grow bigger than necessary.

Reducing drama can lead to more authentic relationships and genuine confidence..

As we reduce our drama, our children have a model to have less drama and negativity in their lives! 

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