Ep. 183 Layers of an Experience - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 183 Layers of an Experience

Our life made up for billions of moments/experiences and each experience has three layers:

  1. The actual experience.
  2. Our awareness of the experience.
  3. The story or meaning we create about the experience.

Listen to episode 183 as Heidi Benjaminsen shares and breaks down several experiences of her life into these three layers.

You’ll learn that actual experiences only last a short period of time. 

Heidi teaches how having the awareness inside our body helps us feel any emotion and know it will pass in time.  Being able to handle any emotion allows us to stay in our lane and stay calm and anchored.

Heidi shares how we are shaped most in life by the third layer, the stories we tell about each experience. 

She teaches how to make meaning in our life that will create the life experiences we really want.

Listen and share this important episode!

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