Ep. 172 Changing Your Mind - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 172 Changing Your Mind

When we gain life experience, learn new information and see the perspective of how other people experience life, our opinions, our beliefs, our biases change.  Confident people WANT to change their minds over their lifetime.  To do so requires a lot of self-acceptance, integrity, discomfort, humility and emotional maturity.

Our lower brains will resist us changing our opinions, for fear it means we were “wrong” before and fearing what is “new” and “unknown”.  Remember this brain wants us to be “right” more than anything else.  But this brain isn’t confident and isn’t getting us ultimately where we want to go.  

Listen to hear Heidi explains why our brain resists being able to change our opinions and how to incorporate new data into new opinions and beliefs.  Both can be true – we did our best in the past and we’re doing out best now – even if opinions and beliefs are different.  Changing and “upgrading” our internal software is the sign of a confident and emotionally anchored person.

Confident mothers have open minds, open hearts and empathetic ears. 

Confident women know change represents growth. 

A confident mother is the greatest gift to her family!

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