Ep. 171 My Favorite Thoughts - 2023 - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 171 My Favorite Thoughts – 2023

As I end each year, I share with you important “thoughts” and beliefs that carried me through the year.  This year has been incredibly busy, and yet I’ve moved through the year without swirling chaos.  I’ve stayed anchored to what is most important and I’ve chosen how I want to feel and experience everything.

Listen to hear how I’ve managed my thoughts around moving into a home and unpacking alone. I paid much more attention to my “trailing invisible thoughts” than I did the first thing that came to mind.  Learn more about this below:

Episode about Trailing Invisible Thoughts – https://heidibenjaminsen.com/146-2/

This year was one with very high and very low emotions and I didn’t make myself choose just one to feel – I stayed in the duality and felt both at the same time.  I allowed the energy and sensations to move through me and I was the witness to these intense emotions.

To stay in my lane and keep myself focused on MY own lane, I made sure I wasn’t solving problems that were not mine to solve.  It becomes harder and hard to move problems out of my lane and put them squarely in my children’s lanes.  It’s hard AND this is what allows them to grow into emotionally independent adults.

2023 was great!  2024 will be even better.  Glad you’re here.

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