Ep. 167 Confident Body Language - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 167 Confident Body Language

We’ve all heard that the way we hold out body sends messages to other people about our confidence or insecurities, if we are open to conversation or want to be left alone.  Did you know our nervous system ALSO knows how WE are holding our body and ALSO sends signals of confidence or insecurity, of safety or danger?

Listen to episode 167 of Confidence Coaching with Heidi Benjaminsen as she teaches about proprioception, or the science of how our nervous system is aware of how we are positioned and how it sends messages to our brain – messages to reinforce the energy of our mannerisms.

Smiling sends messages of confidence and calm.  Holding our chin and head up, shoulders back sends messages that we are valuable, confident and worthy of taking up space.  Making eye contact reinforces these messages – not just to others, but more importantly – to ourselves.

Watch the micro mannerisms of others and decide which you want to mirror.  Adapt new confident manners and feel your energy change!

Our vibe attracts our tribe!

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