Ep. 164 Chapters of our Lives - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 164 Chapters of our Lives

Recently I attended a funeral where I learned about early “chapters” in the life of a dear family member, whom I’ve only know in the last chapters of their life.  These remarks profoundly moved me and I wished I had known this person as a mother of teenagers, like I am now.  I wish I had seen us as more alike than I did. 

Our lives are all a compilation of so many small little chapters and we often only meet people in one specific chapter.  And in doing so, it’s easy to think we don’t have things in common with other people.  Or we judge their whole “story” based on one small chapter.

Listen to episode 164 to hear several ways to gain perspective on the chapters our teens are in and how to gain hope for how the story will progress.  We need to let past chapters be finished and allow change and growth.  We get to choose what we think is going to happen in future chapters – what we think influences what we project to our children and how we show up.

A confident mother is the greatest gift to her family!

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