Ep. 158 Getting What We Want and Need - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 158 Getting What We Want and Need

We are responsible to express and take care of our own needs and wants – this is one of the core responsibilities we have in OUR lane.   Our confidence and personal power grows when we stop, ask ourselves what we need, are able to identify this need and then can fill the need – even if it requires asking for help. 

We are always insecure, disempowered and will stay stuck if we’re dependent on other people to see what we need and make sure this is met.  Healthy relationships require that our self-esteem is not dependent on someone else “needing” us.

Our spouses, children, everyone else in our life are primarily responsible for their needs.  When we step in and “take care of the needs” of other functioning adults, we disempower them.  We project to them that we do NOT have confidence they can handle their life.  

Listen to hear many examples of how to get what you need and want in life.  Learn how to let others be responsible for their needs so they can be empowered.  Allowing others to fill their needs reduces the stress and anxiety we carry around.  

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