Ep. 156 Attracting and Repelling Emotions - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 156 Attracting and Repelling Emotions

The energy and emotions we carry with us are either repelling or attracting people.  Positive emotions like love, kindness, acceptance, peace, curiosity all send energy to the people we interact with that we value and like them.  Positive emotions send energy that the other person is doing okay.

Negative emotions and energy such as worry, judgment, shame, assuming, criticism and perfectionism repel people from us.  These emotions send unconscious signals that we don’t think the other person is making the right choices, that they can’t handle what is going on in their life or they aren’t good enough.  These emotions do NOT help others feel good about themselves and create distance between ourselves and the people we do in fact love.

Often we show up with negativity on default, out of habit, completely unaware of the micro-messages our energy sends to others.  Listen to Heidi explain how these emotions attract or repel and learn how to pivot to send the energy and influence we WANT to send to those we love.

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