Ep. 155 How We See The World (Stay in Your Lane) - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 155 How We See The World (Stay in Your Lane)

We all see the world through different and unique “lenses” formed by our life experiences, biases, strengths, weaknesses, race, and much more.  We see the world through our literal eyes and with our brain.  This lens is formed by basic beliefs we have about the world – such as that the world is safe place or is a dangerous place.  These beliefs can be changed just like lenses to glasses can be changed.

We become kinder and empathetic humans when we respect that other people (in their lanes) have reasons for seeing and reacting to the world (and us) the way they do.  They see us as THEY are, not as we are.

Listen as Heidi gives several examples of uncovering less-desirable moral beliefs, media-triggered beliefs and steps to SEE others as they really are.  As we respect our differences, we gain more control over our beliefs and are calmer, more confident humans.

Episode 145 – What Others Think of Us:  https://heidibenjaminsen.com/145-2/

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