Ep. 153 Our Channel of Influence (SIL Series) - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 153 Our Channel of Influence (SIL Series)

In the third episode in this special Stay In Our Lane series, listen as Heidi explains what happens between our lanes, between people as we communicate, behave and show up in the world.  There is more than just one person being totally responsible for their emotions and not taking accountability for their influence on others.

Heidi explains the Channel of Influence that runs between us and everyone we interact with.  Hear examples of how we are others are affected (or influenced) by the words, behavior, tone of voice, body language, gossip, sarcasm and more of others.  The more we are aware of the influence (not control!) we have on others, the more we can get back in our lane, be more confident and create strong relationships with our family and friends.

Knowing what is repelling and attracting in this channel of influence, helps us curate the people and energy we want around us.  Our teens become comfortable with the energy and vibe we project.  We want to ensure we influence them to be comfortable with confident and attracting emotions, which is all in our channel of influence.

A confident mother is the greatest gift to her family.

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