Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace

We’re hardest on ourselves. We expect perfection, no mistakes, zero flaws, 100 on every test… so we’re constantly disappointing our inner selves. Our insides have forgotten we’re human and full of cracks, weaknesses and missteps. Learning to see our real human nature and give ourselves grace is our work. It’s the work of building confidence to be flawed AND amazing AND loved… all at the same time. Listen as Heidi shares several examples of how she found grace and how you can turn judgement into grace!

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Ep. 180 (Best of) How To Feel More Joy

Because our brains are “wired” on default to look for the negative, feeling more joy in life isn’t an automatic process. It requires focus and intention and practice.  First, we have to recognize what is STEALING our joy.  And neutralize these “joy thieves”. Listen to a replay of episode 11 to hear the many human

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Ep. 181 (Best of) Our Vibe Attracts Our Tribe

Humans are like magnets.  Something in our make-up attracts or repels certain people. I believe OUR VIBE or our energy attracts certain people, certain successes, and certain failures in our life. And our VIBE repels others. Our vibe includes our nervous system – how we hold our body, the words we use, our mannerisms, how

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Ep. 182 (Best of) Wanting People To Be Happy

It sounds like a kind desire to have towards others – wanting them to be happy and feel good. This desire works… until it doesn’t and this thought becomes toxic and creates stress (in us and them). And disconnects us from the people we love most who experience human and negative experiences. When others are

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Ep. 179 Best of: Being A Good Mom

All moms worry if they are “good enough”; we are biologically wired to care about this. This “worry” becomes a problem when we look to our children or external factors to determine if we are good enough. It’s an even bigger problem if we think we need to be “perfect”. Listen to episode 179 to

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Ep. 178 Best of: Wishing People Were Different

Summary A confident mother is the greatest gift to her family! Click here to leave a 5 star review on iTunes: http://getpodcast.reviews/id/1479596645 Click here to access the 100 Questions to get your teens talking.. Click here to watch videos that accompany prior episodes of Confidence Coaching with Heidi Benjaminsen.

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Ep. 177 Best of: When Someone Doesn’t Like Me

We all want to be liked.  It’s a human survival desire. It feels good when people like us. BUT we all encounter people who don’t like us.  Our brain thinks this is a problem.  This isn’t a problem!   If someone likes us, this represents their brain and their lane – not us! Listen to this

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