Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace

We’re hardest on ourselves. We expect perfection, no mistakes, zero flaws, 100 on every test… so we’re constantly disappointing our inner selves. Our insides have forgotten we’re human and full of cracks, weaknesses and missteps. Learning to see our real human nature and give ourselves grace is our work. It’s the work of building confidence to be flawed AND amazing AND loved… all at the same time. Listen as Heidi shares several examples of how she found grace and how you can turn judgement into grace!

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Ep. 118 Staying Out of Other People’s Lanes

We create most of our frustration, stress and worry by taking on problems and trying to control things that are not ours to control. By trying to direct and “drive” the lives of others, we aren’t paying careful attention to our own responsibilities and control what we actually CAN control – our life, our responses,

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Ep. 117 Borrowing Belief

One of the ways we can change what we believe is possible for ourselves is to “borrow belief” that others have in us or that others have about what is possible. When we see what others have done, we can choose to believe “it is possible for me to achieve this” or “this person believes

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Ep. 116 Becoming

At the beginning of the year, I challenge you to focus LESS on the goals you want to achieve and MORE on who you want to BECOME this year. Sure, pick a goal that seems fun. Then who you need to BECOME to achieve this. Listen as Heidi shares how to visualize a River of

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Ep. 115 Anchoring Tool: I Am Feeling

When we’re feeling “un-anchored” and out of control emotionally, there is a way to pivot our emotions and “re-anchor” them. Learn as Heidi teaches a tool to get control of our emotions and remind our body that WE are creating what we are feeling (not someone or something else). Listen to episode 115 to hear

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Ep. 114 My Favorite Thoughts 2021

Listen as Heidi shares the thoughts and questions that have anchored her through this year, especially a year full of disagreement and social discord. Learn how to distance our own opinions about how other people are living their life with our own opinions. Each thought and question helps get us back in our own lane

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Ep. 113 Be Here Not There

Sitting in regret of the past or worry and anxiety about the future, robs us from enjoying and experiencing our present. In the holiday season, it’s easy to rush to get things done – to think the future will be better than today. Listen as Heidi teaches us tools and questions to get our mind

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