Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace

We’re hardest on ourselves. We expect perfection, no mistakes, zero flaws, 100 on every test… so we’re constantly disappointing our inner selves. Our insides have forgotten we’re human and full of cracks, weaknesses and missteps. Learning to see our real human nature and give ourselves grace is our work. It’s the work of building confidence to be flawed AND amazing AND loved… all at the same time. Listen as Heidi shares several examples of how she found grace and how you can turn judgement into grace!

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Ep. 141 How I Use Coaching Tools

In the last several months, Heidi has experienced a lot of changes – selling a home and moving her family, sending children to college, and more.  Listen as she shares specific experiences of using the tools she teaches in this podcast to confidently stay anchored and to lessen the anxiety of her children and their

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Ep. 140 When People Hurt Us

We all are going to get accidentally and intentionally hurt by others because we’re all human.  When we do get hurt (especially when there is no intent), we need to understand the purpose of pain, the purpose of guilt and be able to sit with the discomfort of both.  We are responsible to validate and

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Ep. 139 Arrogance and Confidence

Arrogance is not confidence, although some may confuse the two and think they are the same.  Arrogant people have a low self-esteem, they are constantly comparing themselves to others and need to be better to feel good.  Confident people, on the other hand, like themselves and do not need to compare themselves outward to feel

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Ep. 138 Reaching Impossible Goals with Felicia Broccolo

Running a marathon, writing a book, making $1 million dollars, starting a restaurant, getting re-married… some of these feel IMPOSSIBLE to us.  But they are not impossible if we decide we REALLY want to do them.  Listen to Heidi talk with Felicia Broccolo, a coach who helps women turn the impossible into reality.  Learn how

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Ep. 137 Connecting with Questions

Asking questions that actually get your teen talking to you is a skill and one of the most powerful tools we have to create lasting relationships.  We have to remember we DON’T know what they are thinking and we have to be genuinely curious.  Listen as Heidi shares ways to change our mindset and ways

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accepting compliments

Ep. 136 Accepting Compliments

Raise your hand if you have a hard time accepting compliments. I hope that we all have our hands raised. I know I do. But why is that? Social Scientists have a lot of ideas why, and we can talk about those in this episode, but it all boils down to why we bat that

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