Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace

We’re hardest on ourselves. We expect perfection, no mistakes, zero flaws, 100 on every test… so we’re constantly disappointing our inner selves. Our insides have forgotten we’re human and full of cracks, weaknesses and missteps. Learning to see our real human nature and give ourselves grace is our work. It’s the work of building confidence to be flawed AND amazing AND loved… all at the same time. Listen as Heidi shares several examples of how she found grace and how you can turn judgement into grace!

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Ep. 174 Building Core Confidence

A confident mother is the greatest gift to her family! Click here to leave a 5 star review on iTunes: http://getpodcast.reviews/id/1479596645 Click here to set up a free introductory call to take the next step to give your family the gift of a confident mother. Click here to access the 100 Questions to get your

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Ep. 173 Slowing Down

The fastest way to changing our life is SLOWING DOWN and examining situations we want to change.  When we pause and reflect on what we are thinking, we’re able to change emotional patterns.  Our frustration, stress, and insecurity suddenly isn’t needed because we see the situation from a different perspective. In episode 173 of Confidence

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Ep. 172 Changing Your Mind

When we gain life experience, learn new information and see the perspective of how other people experience life, our opinions, our beliefs, our biases change.  Confident people WANT to change their minds over their lifetime.  To do so requires a lot of self-acceptance, integrity, discomfort, humility and emotional maturity. Our lower brains will resist us

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Ep. 171 My Favorite Thoughts – 2023

As I end each year, I share with you important “thoughts” and beliefs that carried me through the year.  This year has been incredibly busy, and yet I’ve moved through the year without swirling chaos.  I’ve stayed anchored to what is most important and I’ve chosen how I want to feel and experience everything. Listen

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Ep. 170 Declining Invitations

Tis the season to be invited to a lot of events, parties, gatherings, recitals, and more.  It feels great when we have the time and energy to say YES to as many things as we want.  There will come a time, though, when the best way to take care of our life, our lane, is

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Ep. 169 Zooming In and Out

Overwhelm, stress, anxiety and worry are created when we’re looking at a situation or person with the wrong perspective.  We may be too “zoomed out” and not seeing how to get anchored and calm, or we may be too “zoomed in” and not seeing the bigger picture with peace.   Listen to episode 169 to hear

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