Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 104 Giving Ourselves Grace

We’re hardest on ourselves. We expect perfection, no mistakes, zero flaws, 100 on every test… so we’re constantly disappointing our inner selves. Our insides have forgotten we’re human and full of cracks, weaknesses and missteps. Learning to see our real human nature and give ourselves grace is our work. It’s the work of building confidence to be flawed AND amazing AND loved… all at the same time. Listen as Heidi shares several examples of how she found grace and how you can turn judgement into grace!

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Ep. 164 Chapters of our Lives

Recently I attended a funeral where I learned about early “chapters” in the life of a dear family member, whom I’ve only know in the last chapters of their life.  These remarks profoundly moved me and I wished I had known this person as a mother of teenagers, like I am now.  I wish I

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Ep. 163 How Teens “Map” Our Minds with Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

For good and bad, our teens know what we are thinking, what makes us happy and sad, what stresses and overwhelmed us, our beliefs and values and much more.  They “track” our body language, facial expressions, all of our non-verbal communication and they create mental “maps” that predict how we will act and react.  These

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Ep. 162 17 Ways Coaching Has Changed Me

In a casual conversation recently, a friend and I were discussing how principles of thought work, emotional regulation and all things coaching have changed us.  My list continued to grow and I realized the changes are quite profound and touch every area of my life. I’m sharing with you in this episode the 17 ways

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Ep. 161 What Is Your Intention?

Confident people set their internal GPS and know what they “intend” to do in small and large daily tasks.  Confident people bring to their consciousness the purpose and desired result of time with their children, at work, relaxing, conversations.  Intensions can be to connect, to relax, anything.  Without know what we WANT, we’re living on

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Ep. 160 Enjoying the Present

Our minds can easily spend time in the past and the future, two places where we have NO control.  By contrast, the present moment happening right NOW, is the only moment we can control and really experience life.   Listen as Heidi explains how she was present in her body and mind for a once-in-a-lifetime event

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Ep. 159 Taking Things Personally

We take things personally (or are easily offended) when our brain thinks we are constantly being attacked.  We think there is danger in the words, actions and inactions of everyone around us.  Regardless of why we may take things too personally, it IS possible to become more confident, stronger emotionally. Listen to hear Heidi share

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