Ep. 103 Being Wrong - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 103 Being Wrong

One of the best ways to grow our confidence and build relationships is by learning how to be admit and be “wrong” when we are wrong. Our brain on default always wants to be right to protect our ego but this keeps us small and insecure. Listen as Heidi teaches the dangers of always needing to be “right” and questions to ask ourselves to see where we could be “wrong”. Heidi gives many examples from her own life and helps us rewrite the subconscious thought that we’re always right. Turns out… learning to be wrong is a more “right” way to live and feel better!

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Hi, I'm Heidi

I help mothers of teenagers create inner confidence, calm and happiness.  The more anchored a mother is, the more secure her children will feel.  Calm is contagious.

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