Ep. 102 Creating Self-Confidence - Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Ep. 102 Creating Self-Confidence

The fuel of change and growth is self-confidence, and to create this we need to know how to pivot from insecurity… to confidence… to self-confidence. Confidence looks to the past to what “have” I done in the past, where self-confidence looks to the future to define “who we want to be”. Listen as Heidi teaches you two questions to ask yourself (what do I fear and who do I want to be) to move from insecurity… to confidence… to self-confidence.

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Hi, I'm Heidi

I now help mothers of teenagers replace their fuzzy lenses with a unique and clear prescription. Wearing these lenses, my clients create life-changing confidence and calm that has positive ripple effects in every area of their life.

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